27 July 1944 Darling— One could classify today as "D." day—just plain "D"iscouraging. To start it all off we had a visit from the Inspector Generals' department. As usual every body goes around biting their nails and worrying about unfavorable reports. The supply sergeant worried about his records, the clerk his files, the cook his kitchen, the motor sergeant his trucks—everybody was worried—However they weren't so interested this time in administration but morale and recreation activities—I as voting officer for my company withstood a barrage of questions about voting procedure—[struck: what the] then they poked through recreation facilities, wanted to know this and that—looked at mess halls, day rooms, volleyball courts—etc.—That ordeal over with [struck: I] I received your charming letter of the 17th which about puts me up for a Section eight discharge into a booby hatch— I don't know exactly how that gag sounded to you but if I recall correctly I wrote something like this—[strikeout] "my feelings for you are purely platonic I only want to marry you!"—Undoubtedly a poor