attempt at humor but a definite attempt—There was nothing that should have been construed as my feeling anything else but the fondest and ardent emotions in your direction—Who the hell ever heard of a guy marrying for "Platonic" reasons— I don't comprehend this ring deal—"I might just as well have left it off huh?—Now you know,"—All I ask is—did you—or didn't you—its still not clear—As far as the so called "intent" is concerned—well lets not get subjective Going to hell?—oh—things like sitting all night with a babe and talking when you know she was interested in other things or when some nice kid says "I'd like to plant you in my back yard and put a fence around you"—and you say "Sorry, I already grow in someone elses garden and there's a very big fence around me"—There's the times when you roam the streets—lonely and disgusted when you want to see how it feels to get stinking drunk—When the months away from home begin to grow at your mind—There's the times when the stink of the dead and the moan of the wounded