make you feel awfully sorry for yourself—Values change, thoughts are shattered, dreams become hazes far off in the distance—so far—so very very far—The times when your mind says "quit"—The times when you'd laugh at a picture and all the while there's a hungry loneliness banging at your insides—How have you helped?—Just by being around, writing—saying nice thing—joking—yes even scolding—You've been good to me and good for me—I don't know how to say this because—well—it doesn't need saying—you know how I feel about you— Well anyways—to get on with the story of "D" day—In the aftermath I gave a two hour lecture on the mortar to an infantry outfit—By now I can rattle the stuff off like a clicking hen—the lecture took place in a chapel—it was hot—by the time an hour and a half was up I was getting that strained tone to my voice—Almost close to crying—My mouth + lips were dry and sticky—a white foam formed in the [strikeout] corner of my lips—Talking is all right but not marathons in blah-blah—