Thurs. March 30, 1944. 11 P.M.

Dearest — darling

Hello — after — a long + enlivening day — But — ah! No mail again — is my mail — I know now what a dismal feeling it is when at mail call — there is emptiness for you — That [illegible] — when it is clean + empty has the same effect on me — I am even — lastingly grateful that you got that V-mail off on 3/18 — [illegible] I would have been a bit worried — as it is I know that in time —I shall get a [illegible] of letters which have been slightly delayed —

As for me — today — I may say I have gone a long way — I made [illegible] [illegible] — same + [illegible] perhaps to others — but to myself — a world of self development —

The day started with rain as usual —but cold rain. But to the [illegible] — cold as usual —