Wed. May 3, 1944

Hello—Sweets— See! I don't know where to start tonite—That's me wondering up above—note the resemblance—Only I note that—then—I still weigh between—118 and 120—Let me see—these are the things to be covered here— 1) "My Day" 2) Visit to ?? 3) My thoughts in general 4) Weather 5) Response to 2 1/2 letters—of yours received tonite a) Your 4/23 V-mail b) Your 4/24 (description of lonely trip to London c) Your 4/26 answering my letters and moaning about the pen, poor feller. Note: (above outline and organization of material to be presented result of my activity today as one of the participants in writing an extensive report upon the finding of research workers in welfare.) Today - ah! Today a lovely day starting coolish, the sun coming thru in the afternoon very very warm and cozy. Spring! Still around. In the evening the sky full of fleecey clouds, stars clear and the moon sailing in and out of the cloud formations. Good old Moon but more of him later. To work I go, aught a bus, caught the train and a seat, to boot. Came in on time - Hurrah! Then set to work on above described project with two other girls. It was a difficult job, organizing the material (a great deal too)

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