2. interpreting the findings, making recommendations in not too negative manner. We had to find words of general meaning but with specific connotation, words with innuendo meaning. Anyway, it was tough, especially for a beginner and a job away above the "[illegible] category" responsibility, I don't think we did too well but I certainly learned a hell of a lot. Then out to lunch and since I am in [illegible] and I must eat in restaurants so had a nice meal then a walk. Finding it very warm, we wandered into Klein Union Square which is not too far from the office (23rd St). There to purchase a blouse since blouses are about $5 today. What did I find instead a really [illegible] dress reduced from $8.95 to $3 because of a shopworn look but it fit perfectly so I bought it. Can you imagine a dress for $3! I wore it out and was quite satisfied with myself and my bargain! You know what pleasure I take in bargains, dearest. So back to the office and to expressions of surprise in noting my quick change and much remarking about my "perfect size, no alteration figure." Oh well. Called Eddie [illegible] since he had called home while I was out one Sat. Learned he wasn't in for reason not given, and talked with a fellow named Thompson or something like that who took my message.