3. Lazed around for a bit then on to my work. At 5:30 PM washed and dashed off to Mom's. Was welcomed as a guest due to my enforced absence during last few Fridays. Had a delicious meal. Then the family started to drift in, first Pepi and Dickie, Pepi looking and feeling not so hot and then very gay by [illegible]. What a sister! She may not go to Florida. She received a letter from Willie telling her he doesn't "love" her and that situation is tough with him. He is afraid to try it out with Pepi as he doesn't think she can weather the struggle without becoming a "nag" and for his peace of mind, doubts whether they can make a go of it. Pepi is in a dither she wrote and called and gave Willie an ultimatum. Either he says and decides that he can do without her [illegible] or will accept her as the thing he most needs to prizes in the world. He has indicated that their year together has been "better" that Pepi was too domineering and he is a little afraid to continue such unpleasant relationship. I don't want to comment much on above. You know both of them, I can only say they will never hit it off, even if Pepi goes back. In either case with or without him, Pepi will not be happy in spite of her good intentions to make a go of this marriage. Pepi says as soon as she is feeling better she will write further details. Learned later in the evening that Pepi has been seeing Ben Weinstein ([illegible]] frequently that

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