4 he is "sweet" on her - attracted physically - Joe and Margie claim, also Pepi has dates with other gents. So, there's the picture darling. Saw Joe and Marge - OK Joe [illegible] $90 worth this week solicited and obtained by Marge. Good luck to them! Max and Sally came in - Sally looking stout and fit. Maxie still in the chips, his luck still holding. Send their bet love. Dickie still slovenly, smart and terribly fresh and over informed in matters of no concern to him (like his mother's affairs.) Sad sad child really. If he adjusts in this world I shall think it really remarkable in consideration of his background and physical disabilities. I hope he will, he is shrewd. Ah! Her comes Pop from the store, walking slowly, his steps so easily identified as he walks into the house. Gee! He got a GI haircut. Anxious to talk of you and obviously glad to see me. Showed them all your pictures but unable to give them copies until they are completed at the photographers, all were pleased with your appearance. As for me, I think you damn handsome! Schmoozed around. Oh look here comes Adele, looking positively glamorous [illegible]. The last word one might say and her ring is a flashlight. Very gay and happy.