5- Then Mom asked me to write a letter for her and Pop and so I did. I tried to get the flavor of Mom in the letter but am afraid I failed. Mom is concerned about sending you things and more things. I forget to mention to you that in one of the pkgs. I got the groceries (tomato herring etc) for her and don't [illegible] I addressed the package for them. So if you received a pkg with canned stuff please acknowledge it to them darling. So I made coffee for Pop and me and stayed around 10 minutes and off to home I went as per your orders to get home early. However since it is late I will just comment on your V-mail and 4/24 letters. I will write further tomorrow. I adored your description of your "day" in London and went every step of the way with you, even not enjoying the Chinese food too much and the little tale about the book found in the ruins and the [illegible] meal, only no mention of pickles. Were there none? And the description of all the places you saw, so well described. The pictures loved and I got so much pleasure from them both for the knowledge and because you enjoyed the day so very much. I am grateful for that. So dearest a very "good night" to you and I do love you, frantically in fact. Syl [draws a stick figure of a standing person and one in bed] "Good night" my love the moon must have told you how I thought of you and i walked home from the Ocean Ave trolly. It did, I am sure.