Tues nite 4/27/43 10:28 PM Dearest- Hello, just a moment before I get some much needed shut eye. I want to say that if you were listening in to Bob Hope's program you never have had me closer to your side. I half listened to the program and 1/2 saw you smile and wait for [illegible] - as I did. I don't think I had seen you so clearly so definitely "sense" I saw you sitting on your bunk listening to "As Time Goes By" of me as I did of you, of the time we saw the show, in which the song was first sung or remembered the poignant scene from "Casablanca" when they played the song. Please darling did you feel my presence as I felt your during this brief half hour. Radio is still wonderful to me and even more wonderful at this moment. However, my sweet, if you weren't listening to the program, don't worry. I still had you in my mind and feel