your presence completely. Gosh I'm tired but I shall stay with you until my eyes cannot be kept open any longer. I want to tell you that I called Ruth Lacho again this evening and darn it she wasn't home but whoever answered the phone told me that she would call me (incidentally was very nice) that she had to go out because her sister gave birth to a little girl and she had to go to the hospital. So I will let you know dearest. I have just heard the news about England trying to make peace (?) between Poland (in exile) and Russia. I got one thing out of the whole incident, that once again Russia does not avoid the issue once again you know where she stands. It seems that only the good old USA equivocates - (But don't get me wrong, I still love her but I wish she would emulate some of the things "me old friend" does, don't you? Well sweets, my handwriting is becoming unreadable (it usually is anyway) but this is worse. So darling Good night, I shall probably dream of you, I have been dreaming the last few nights consistently. Love Syl. PS Good good night