PS. Sleepy - or no - I just rememered that I forgot to wish you good luck - at your new work - Ain't I the dumb one thought. In my this afternoon's letter I wrote at some length regarding your new work and at no time did I say loads and loads of Good Luck. [draws a horse shoe, a wish bone and a pin] Wish bone, the better half of it for you and all the rest of omens of same! And give my best wishes to Seymour and Max S and Aaron S. PSS Did you get that box of [illegible]. You haven't mentioned same in your letters. PPS. I bet the fellows in your Box 400 wanted to listen to Red Skelton after Bob Hope and you didn't, neither did I. I hate the guy too. What do you do tho sweets, listen in to the stuff or stuff your ears? Well this time its really