Friday nite - May 28
                   At home 11:30 P.M.

Dearest darling -

      Hello! Just got in and in

the quiet of our home + night am once more talking with you. I have just read one of the most interesting letters yet - from you - of course - It tells me so much of the life you're living + what you are doing - Yes - its the first time you told me of the trailers and it was interesting - I was so sorry to hear once again - that you did not get my letters- It is really dopey - I write them so regularly - + mail them so regularly - Oh. Well - I am glad the weather turned so nice - Well today - 12 weeks in service - and the worst part is over - (I hope I hope -) (anyway the worst part of your training - I am anxious to learn what happened at your meeting - which you may have long forgotten by the time this letter reaches you - if it follows the pattern of my other letters.