now for my day - went to work - and was kept busy until 12 noon when Mad called and said she was at Dad's watching the place because Dad and Uncle Morris had to go away on business. Since she could not get out for lunch, I dropped everything and brought her some lunch. I stayed at Dads until 330. Mad had a few difficulties as a delivery of a ton of leather was made with nobody to unload the truck. The Truckman however got a guy from the street to help him unload. But worst of all Mad had only 75 cents which she gave him. He seemed satisfied tho Mad wasn't. You see, we had saved Dad $20 because they would have taken the load back and reshipment would have cost that much. So on to the field where I had a peculiar experience. It started to rain [illegible] and I took refuge in a corner drugstore. Another man was seated there. After a while I heard a commotion outs and looking out say a couple of kids who said some "limeys*" were "killing" a woman. I saw them [* English sailors