soon + noted that they were drunk. They were soaked to the skin! Lo + Behold - they landed in the drugstore. In their drunken manner they appealed to us (the man + me - asking first whether we were Americans or Mussolini "lovers." The man indignantly said he was American. They said that all they wanted to do was take refuge in an Italian ladies' doorway. She had a baby in her arms whom one of the "Armies" thought was his own + who started to pinch its cheeks. The mother started to yell. And so they were indignant - Against Americans of course they were not pleasant to see and when they talked to me they leaned over close + tried to sort of touch my arm - but when I reminded them in a soft voice (because you can't get angry with a drunk) that they were English gentlemen - they stopped. Well they spoke about America not suffering the way the British did (which was true of course) had made my American friend angry. (They were not pretty of course either). Then one pipes up + says the reason the English may not win the war was because