5. they weren't educated but that he was learning fast. he challenged me to ask him questions. All this was interesting of course but a little annoying. Then they left. One came back for a moment looking for some money he thought he lost and then left. At this point the owner of the drugstore came over to me and said "well, why don't you leave (meaning me) the rain is letting up. After all this is a drugstore not a station." Well I was mortified and he hadn't asked my American friend to leave. So I looked blisteringly at him and said "well maybe the English are right about us after all" and walked out. Boy was I mad. That is our American kindness and chivalry (and this guy was a 1--% American too. So feeling turbulent I walked in the rain (with Mad's raincoat to protect me) to a station and on to Mom's. Arrived and saw Marge, Mom and Pop home. Had a swell supper as usual. Then Joe came in looking fine. Told us about his job and how much he liked it.