6. Then Mom went out (her night) and Pop and I went up to Marge's house which is really charming. They had a young intern who had become friendly with Joe in Boston (at the Beth Isreal) who is now at Mort Senn's in N.Y. a really bright intelligent kid. Spent a nice evening with them (after I pushed the furniture around and it made an improvement.) Then on to home. At Sheepshead Bay saw a [illegible] a man about 35 or so. While waiting for a [illegible] several well known lassies accosted him and he seemed disinterested. in their trade. I felt he would have liked me to intervene that just as you felt the need to talk to a girl of "my age" - he did as well. But somehow I couldn't get up enough energy to start any conversations. So I watched and watched and thought of you. I could almost see you in that predicament but somehow I was too tired after that experience so I mounted the bus and on to home and you - you - you. Enclosed, my very dearest not the pictures (which I know you will enjoy no end.)