Friday, July 7, 1944 Hello or Bon Soui Chere, Home after a long and interesting day. No mail as usual but I have much to tell you about the events of the day. So here goes:

Weather hot 94 degrees and 97 humidity. Decided to drive in to work as the car was getting no exercise at all these days. As I was leaving I met Barney Weengaw. He was very grateful for the lift because he had an infected foot and could barely walk. That's all on BW because rest would annoy you in terms of his being oblivious to the war as you would expect. But since once on leaving the train at Sheephad looking tired he took me home in an taxi cab and his thoughtfulness then - I was glad I had the opportunity to return the favor. Arrived in N.Y. feeling quite relaxed - nothing like avoiding the subway in the heat and for starting the day off well. Went to work today and almost completed the report. Thank Heaven. Will have to be going back to Harlem tho in a few weeks. Anyway, there is plenty of change on this