Then drove up to Covent Gardens. What a feeling of luxury that is. To drive right smack up to a restaurant in N.Y. and then drive away - no parking problem. No traveling - Whew! Went in and had a good meal at a little table for two. It is the first time in my life that I ever ate in a place like this by myself. But I fooled you - I didn't eat by myself. I ate with you. Honestly dearest you were there opposite me. I talked with you saw you fold your hands elbows on the table while waiting to be served (a characteristic post of yours). You ordered wine and I roast beef really hon. I enjoyed the meal with you very much. (I am not nuts, just wonderfully imaginative and you and every aspect of you remains so vividly in my mind.)

After dinner drove down to see Dad. Little change there. Met Dave Kraus, Dads attorney there a wonderfully cultured and handsome man with a marvelous sense of humor.

After that drove to your Mom's with my mother and Aunt Fanny. Pop hasn't been able told that you are in France - though from the reports of the Robot Planes it will be better for him to know where you are now, not that they will be able to keep the truth from him for very long. He is well.

Pepi is looking a little piqued but is in very good spirits. She has been going to work and getting out in the evenings.