Pop is pleased with Dickie home again. Joe is much the same which at the moment "ain't so hot". But there is little improvement expected by everyone - including Marge now. She had had hopes and ideals but I think they are gone. But another feeling has replaced the hope - an attachment to this man who needs her - more than anyone needs anything in the world. That being needed and that sense of keeping a spirit (a wonderful spirit) alive in a poor body - gives a remarkable sense of satisfaction. So in spirit of all the spirit of Marge is there and good.

My mother and Aunt Fanny thought Marge's place charming - Ah Yes! Your sister Adele is on her way home now and will arrive on Sunday. Mom - "shep naches" from that match. Bennie is nowhere in evidence - tho he has been around during the week. No change there.

And so after promising to come on Monday for Adele's home coming - we made our adieus and were off to home. A long and interesting day - no? But I wish I could have heard today. Well there is always a tomorrow. I somehow expect a letter tomorrow - this I am ready for receiving much less mail then heretofore recognizing that you will have less opportunity to write now.

And so home and Mad told me I had had some calls but I am tired now dear and bid you "Goodnight" - Tomorrow I shall give you further [illegible] I do love you so much my dearest. Au Revoir, Syl Regard to Morty and Jack (if he is with you)