Says that he can give "life" to the instrument at the cost of $13-$13-(exclusive of labor)- He had had to take out the battery to test it-etc etc- we decided Hy & I-that there would be no question of fixing it- You would want that- Certainly so it will be- & by the time you return we shall see to it that the car is in good shape generally- Hy thinks she is O.K. perhaps needs a timing & maybe a "paint" job- & a straightening of the fender- & paint here & there & new covers- but that is all- At this moment- I am sitting on the edge of my bed- Mother beside me- Dad walking up & down- In that atmosphere do you think as bad as a fox hole & duffle bag? -dearest- I hope so- in actually I am suffering the same drawbacks as you are- in a way- Mother is waiting for me to return to her house- I was so anxious to answer some of your letters but I guess that's out- because it has starter to rain & Mom is anxious to return home- So- Fate willing- tomorrow will be the day that will give me that opportunity- So- my loved one- my dearest- it is "Good night" again & another week- has gone- & Russia is in Germany-! & maybe she will get well soon- & I love you- so much- as much- Dearest- dearest- Syl