Wed Aug 9, 1944 at the office 10:30 A.M.

Dear sweetheart, Lovely day again-warm with just enough coolness to prevent the day so far from being uncomfortable. Last night got home only to learn that David had been ill, running 102.6 degree fever-pains in head, legs and arms. Mad was crying with fear of polio which is a danger. But late in the evening, his fever dropped to 101 degrees and we hope he will be alright. The M.D. said he had an infection but did not believe the child was in any danger. Unfortunately, David had to be neglected during Dad's stay at the house. I guess David will be alright. But it is pitiful to see the child, usually so active and alert so darling lying there evert, tired dull with a compress at his head. I brought him some toys and when he played with them in a rather tired fashion. I asked him how he felt and he said "To tell you the truth, Aunt Sylvia. Thank God a little better." He is sweet. He then told me that he loved me "terrifically" because "Look at the nice toys you brought me." You won't know him at all darling -he is a big boy now-sturdy-clever isn't the read for him. did I tell you that he learned to read notes in a 10 minute lesson and promptly wrote a song the next day. Besides that, he is a very sensitive child-having just a little difficulty with other children who naturally chastise him. But he is a good boy and no trouble at all.