And having him at home has been a great influence in my adjustment to everything. But darling I don't want you to think that he has become a necessary part of my life. It was just that missing you, I clung to anything that might give warmth and interest. I know that well. However, I well aware that having him in our home during this formative period has been a great help to him too. The freedom afforded by our home the pleasant surroundings have been wonderful for him and moreover I know that I have created an attachment for that home and me which will never be broken or forgotten, particularly to that child. It is strange how the child changed his development away from his father; losing a lot of his father's look and characteristics. Sorry for his father but glad for him. Oh well - so it goes.

Last night went to Mom's to sleep but first to Bess' who sends you her love. We talked about this and that and finally to Mom's for a good nights' rest. Dad went out for the first time yesterday. After much pressure and made definite efforts to face reality. But it is a slow process and he is far from well yet.

Ah Yes. Most important of all-I received 4 letters from you much tory surprise because mail has been good to date and I didn't expect it to continue unabatedly. The letters were dated 7/27/29/31 and 8/1. Imagine on 8/8 receiving a letter which had been written and touched and felt by you only one week ago. Wow. I could have and actually did kiss it!