Now I am all set to go back to your earlier letters. I still am unable to find your 7/20 letter which is the only one I lack now. So I will go on to 7/24. I just received all the letters I have to answer and they are as follows: 7/24/25/26/27/28/29/31 8/1. Some batch. I had them out here in the office and when I mentioned that this batch represented 8 days no one believed that anyone could write that much but when I clarified by explaining that material in these letters were drawn from 13 yrs. of experiences plus new experiences, plus discussion of present events it became more understandable.

7/24-Your assurances at this point re: Robert of course are late. I still worried but I know that you were not permitted to make such reassurances before. I am so glad that you didn't have any acquaintance of importance with them and that you are in a position of not being able to tell me more about them. From reports here they are horrible and the fact that they are automatic makes the whole idea of them inhuman and monstrous. Yes I am glad you moved on to France at the time you did. At least there whatever faced you was within the knowledge of human understanding and experience.

As for Alfred and Alice they are doing O.K. Al called me a few days ago and has decided again to remain with his father.

No dearest I haven't received notification of the $10 allotment yet so I will write the ODB today.