Of course, I remember that I received notification re: your $30 allotment 3 months after its inception but then I received the checks this time I have not received any of the checks. You know how I felt about that matter. I wanted you to keep all of it but I won't discuss it any further. I am glad in a way that it has not come thru because it well then accumulate and I will receive it none sum which I will promptly deposit. I am trying my darnedest to save some money especially now since it won't be too long to the end and we will need so much when you come home.

So it was Fortunoff who spoke that night at the theatre where we saw "G for Leningrad. Well much water has flown under the bridge since then. Anyway we are at last doing our bit in regards to Nazi killing. But strangest of all that you should be part of that picture of that second front. How far that idea was from my mind then and how good that we don't know what the future holds for us.

Re: your other old Waterman. Your red ink one. I am writing with it at the moment and I assure you that I use it and carry it as little as possible because I know your attachment to it and I know that someday you will be writing with red ink again.

Re: Esther (Ellen) and Michael [illegible] nothing new except the high and mighty M. has defined to E. re: their summer vacation. Did I tell you that M. planned to go away and E. refused to go with him. Can you guess why?