I think the dame is set upon being married "a virgin" or not marrying at all - even tho she is eaten up by her sexual desires. But maybe she is right-maybe she will get him what way. Anyway he hasn't gone away all summer (altho he has the whole summer off). But what is puzzling me is whey the Hell don't they get married now and then go away (oh. Jerks alas!)

I am sorry about the brain teaser but if I remember I shall ask Sammy Besher who is to return today. He is the only one who would resolve it. Ah so DOPEY - still makes you shudder-Good! It is so like you and now I am sure army life has not changed you basically. But I shall never pretend to understand your dislike of the game since you always excelled. Psychologically you should adore it.

7/25-Boy what a busy schedule for your spare time. Baseball, movies, oh good good! Ah Ha! So you received the ties. I am sorry they came after you really needed them and I could have sent so many other things. As for the sacks, the more you have of them, the less washing you will have to do. As a mater of fact, you can throw them away after they get dirty or does that seem a terrific waste?

So they are still "shut [illegible]" you guys. It seems unnecessary at the moment but then maybe the army has reasons.