Hurrah! You beat Jack's team 5 - 0. Well your crew has some good qualities after all if the teams are chosen by crew. What is this? Doesn't a ball ever reach right field?

Don't worry about writing to Bess darling, she understands perfectly and sends her best.

Yeh! How did you like our dropping in for a beer in a joint. Wasn't that funny. But I'd no use without your stimulation. I just can't take to the stuff. With your [illegible] it would be different.

As for the reason the letters are postmarked 2 or 3 days after their actual dates I can't understand it. I mail them always darling the morning after they are written on 23rd St. and Bdway and those like the present one are mailed at 5:30 P.M. usually from the same place. Sometimes Ben takes the letters at night after I write them and mails them at the CG Base. He found out that the letters are usually held until they ready to be shipped out together. How that affects the postmark I don't know. But I have never held a letter darling. I note that your letters are postmarked in a crazy manner but that may be because your mail has to go a couple of places before being stamped. Your 8/1 letter was postmarked 8/1 but so was you 7/27 letter. Your 7/29 letter was postmarked 7/30 and your 7/31 letter one 8/1 Crazy, no?

Thanks honey for the flattery re: my letters. Yes I guess they reflect ME but Me is so [illegible] - digressive and jumpy oh Gosh can't help it. As for the poem darling "We Who Have Husbands" I must go thru your letters of the period you describe perhaps I had forgotten it but on one of these days of little distraction I will look and inform you of the result. I am sure to find it.