I am going on aren't I? Well I am continuing to write now that I have had lunch time permits so why not. I can't think of a better thing to do even if I had many other pleasant tasks. Guess where I just came from? Lew Jackson-Having talked to Eddie during the week I sort of had to go [illegible] today especially since he is right next door. Lew looks bad-Heat, troublesome business and an upset stomach. He spoke of you at great length and sends you his regards. As for a suit I didn't want to bother him because they are having their hands full. The [illegible] came in way past their season in continuously reduced amounts They are just about able to hang on. Shafers recently returned to England after trying 14 months to go back and the Acherman family at Liverpool or near there would have welcomed you so much. Many of the other boys reached there and they were so pleased. Lew says that they live in a small town and have little to do. Formerly when they could make trips back and forth from the USA it wasn't so bad but now an American face is like a pleasant trip. so he was sorry you were unable to get there. He told me that he expects a shipment of about 15-18 crates next month. He suggested that I come up then which was very sweet of him. However, I really had gone up to see him just to visit and to talk of you. You see I am quite a privileged lady to own 3 of their suits these days of shoddy material and poor workmanship and I am fully prepared to wait until its all over to get some more of them. When I came back from lunch I called Eddie. He thanks me for your picture which I had sent to him.