Going from each image right to left. Every new line indicates the next boxed in picture.

I Guess who-guess where What day-whose? Fox What date-who? who-when? Poem HANDS who-when? Gondohiers etc. etc. VAle OF Cashmere when? Where? BrookLyn College ST. John's Ford PAusLon Royal Tempus Cherry Hill Murreeeeey! Fizz-Vance Tempus Alexander Hamilton Budget Beach S1 10 (cent symbol") Fun-Friends-Heartache 2421 De Luxe House + Lake EXAMS 1/30/38 Report to work 4/1/38 Dodge Notified Assigned Examiner of Ing- M- No Budgets Uncation's FUN Friends Records- Books- Wildmere Quebec Hopital Ou St Sacrement Home Rest Aleuele Banner to --- "Having a wonderful Time" HA HA! To be Continued-

I know my artistic ability is to imited-Dear- In other words "stinks"- But you understand the artist's meaning- Love, Syl