Monday, August 21, 1944 9 p.m.

Dearest - my darling, At long last - here I am after a walk down to Oxford St. to look at a bungalow where Mad may move to - a simple little place - no heating but a stove in the living room - but for them it is going to do - it will be home for them and Ben is handy and willing so they will fix it up nicely. You should see some of the bungalows shown there - where people have lived for years and fixed up really beautifully - wouldn't need one of them - but there I go - and I intend to do nothing else tonight but catch up on your letters - O here is a long story attached to that bungalow which I shall recount in another place - in fact, in response to one of the letters I received today (8/4) all about Mad's situation - but here I go - Aug 3 - So the white, rye and oats are ready for harvest - Maybe