3 -

bring us closer - I can't ask for more than the excellent course of events as they are now occurring -

    Paris! Is it possible? I still 

am unable to grasp the full meaning of our advancement - I wonder if you shall see Paris - Yep - even conservative Montgomery said - "The war with Germany is almost over" - and I don't doubt that those of you who have been over - I hope will be released as soon as feasible - oh Boy! 8/4 (Well - I arrived)This letter came today + fitted smack into the group I was due to answer - it is in this letter you discuss Mad's situation - I know now that I wrote the

letter to you in the heat of 

the first shock - + too - right during the period when Dad's condition was so bad + had made me so - So I suppose I was a little unfair to Mad + Ben and skewed your thinking - I am sorry - after all, they admit - that they have each other - are willing to face whatever comes -