and are ready to take what life has to offer - I was afraid Mad wouldn't get a place to live + she would have to have her baby here - Now - it seems after much heartache - that Luw, French (JP Day's son-in-law) finally will rent them that bungalow for $35 per month. Both Mad + Ben were terribly worried as to what they would do if it didn't come thru + they had been disappointed once - They are taking the place with all its difficulties - no heat - hot water - + they will be glad to have it - No telephone - difficult shopping - But still Ben said he will paint it himself + fix it up - + they will make the best of it as long as they are together in their own home. David is going to school this term - Imagine! How time does fly - They already told me - that I must come there to eat every nite - I will see - As for our home -

 What ever possessed you to
  think that I would give