2. So without further ado - I get down to business at hand. Sat. Aug. 5: In this letter you describe the toughest game you played to win the pennant (+ as I subsequently learned the Series) - the one in which you got 2 hits. Who knows, since the game was so close, but that your 2 hits may have been the difference between even tie or lose. But, then you are so modest, you would never admit that possibility. By the way who conducts your Friday nite [sermons]? As for your dine with the Captain - [sirree] - Olga hasn't contacted me yet re: the pictures so I will call her. By this time I received your negatives + we will be able to exchange pictures. And this was the letter in which you described the [Zapok] pillows! I thought the idea marvelous - especially after reading this letter made me realize that you had not been sleeping on a pillow all along - I don't know why I took it for granted that you