3. had - I guess one doesn't go around thinking of people not sleeping on pillows - but now I know - & it must have been so good to have one after all that time. See! I had forgotten about your Uncle [Stanley] by now in the light of all that has happened since I saw him last - But - darnit — I still have little funny feelings about his not coming around because of the argument - He still is your Pop's brother. No, darling, I haven't done anything about the Mexican cane - simply because it will cost me $10 to match it at the present cost of such work - and I don't feel like investing money like that right now - By the way, it would have cost me about $8.75 to have had your little bracelet made if you had sent the coins - Did it cost you that much, darling? That one, tho, I would have had made - no matter how much it would have cost.