4. Sunday. Aug. 6 - So you were paid in French money - that must be funny. You sure are getting the feel of foreign dough - So! you were at one time you were within range of Jerry's artillery fire - as if I didn't know. By the time you had arrived in France - approximately June 20 or 21 - the depth of the fighting [?] was well within the range of even small guns - & I knew it - That's Heaven - the Germans [were frugal] in their use of artillery fire & also that the Luftwaffe was not so conspicuously noticeable that the fact became [?] - as for outrunning air infantry & tanks, there are few who can do that these days - As for the Stein family & Herman - yes - I guess they thought they were unique - as a matter of fact Paul keeled over a bit when I casually announced after his [awful] story of Herman's arrival in France - that you were there, too - I hardly think it important for you to take one step in order to try to see Herman.