5. So in this letter I read of Cocktails "unshielding me" - with [?] stuff - probably made from that rye I spoke of the other day - skee! skee! I'm glad you liked my reproduction of your first shower - [?] you have a doubleheaded one. Well, well - of should I say shower, shower - But doesn't that mean that two guys take a shower at once? So Russians [??], Russian are like the [nag] they look in Russian pictures - I am so glad you have a chance to meet up with Russians - & in your subsequent letter you speak in greater length of them - I do hope they get a break - they must have come thru Hell! Well, darling, time to Retire as the Rubber Industry says — and it felt divine to speak with you as always. There goes "Claire de la Lune"— music which always [signalled] "Mary Martin" - Boy! Does that take me back thru the years - & that is always good too - Candelwick aprons & footsteps at 5:10 pm - & clean house & organdy bedspreads & ships on a wall - and a good "Good night" and a kiss with it all - & I love you so - Syl