Hello- darling, Wed. was quite an ordinary day for me. Went to work, didn't do much as we only had to finish up on our old report. During lunch hour - had to go up to the American Theatre Wing to return some of the sweaters our kids knit for the boys under their sponsorship. The ATW is at 59th St and 5th Ave. It being a wonderful day again when the sun is warm and bright- but not enervating we took an open top 5th Ave. bus and rode up their sitting in the sun. Gee it was good. 5th Ave was lovely as ever, bright with people dressed gaily, hurrying to and fro - the shapes in the autumn dress - in the wonderful autumn colors- green red brown - yellows and plaids. We then parted as I had to get some stamps at the P.O. So the girls went back and I went on to Radio City. Here things were even gayer. In the late morning the news