Saturday, Aug. 26, 1944 (Written Tuesday) Hello, my darling Very little to tell you about today since I do nothing but try to rest for the balance of the day. In the afternoon. Dad and Mom came over — but Dad, tho he tried to control himself, found it very difficult — and they finally left. Later in the evening: my mom called Fran and Ben and I went — and found Dad had had one of his "spells" — so god damn pathetic it takes the heart out of one. The man is crumbling under the terrific strain — and we can do no more than sit on the side lines and watch. I stayed on to try to act as a smoother-outer. We all went to sleep and slept fairly well. Alvin had called earlier to tell us that his name had not been posted in the list of "Flying officers" (non-coms) & it is assumed