2. that since he had not washed out, that he had been graduated as a Lieut. I hope its so, so the kid can have finished his schooling at last. It is strange — Dad should have been so happy, but he fears facing the kid while he is ill - & moreover, W's girl friend's parents are coming in to NYC - & Dad sill not be able to entertain them — another fear. I guess that was why he was so upset — How complicated peoples' lives can become. Well, I guess living is not an easy process after all. But it may have been due to the lack of common interest Mom & Dad had — altho they do love each other. I know now how important that "infinity" & commitment can be, and "Thank Heavens - we have them - or at least I think so. Well, and that you my Saturday darling - & since there was so little to tell you I will add Sunday, too - since