When Mad & Ben went home - & Artie on his "date" - so I ironed all my suits & cleaned them (hard to get clothes cleaned these days & shined & fixed up all my shoes (we will only get one pair this year) - & then I got to bed & to your letter -

Today - went to work - awake very late (forgot to set the alarm - suddenly I read the alarm - I don't wake up in time without it). got to work at 10 o'clock - just in time for my class in statistics which I liked very much.

Then planned the rest of the week - going to a Welfare Center tomorrow at Burr Hall - Good chance to pay my bills. Then to Mads for dinner - then home here - Saw Sidney Solomon - home for a day or so - & called Bess M who had been away on her vacation at Arrowhead - Had only a fair time. Called Ruth K who also was away at the same place. She said she had a very good time - mostly because she went earlier & had a chance to really know the people.

Finally - got myself comfortably set - hot water bag & all - Its terribly cold again - miserable in fact - very windy - & I love the feel of the hot water bag - (my nice male companion these days - if you can give a sex to a Hot W. Bag.). And then I read your 12/15 letter which arrived --

And now I can get back to your letters:

Nov 25 - [drawing of "wedding bells"] 10 years! Oh! Damn that mail - No letter from me on our anniversary! Oh [strikethrough drawings] <description>"Black & White"! ,"supposed to be dogs - but I remember B&W - are scotties* For our anniversary - Where in the world did you get it - It [strikethrough]isn[/strikethrough] is unprocurable here now - 10th Anniversary - is TIN - I think! Oh! for the unuttered Toasts - Yes - my dearest - I knew what they were - How nice to have a party on our anniversary - Just happens to be Thanksgiving - doesn't it? Yes - I heard that Marty had done most of the work - (Hats off to him). You should have helped him - you would have had more opportunity to practice your French. Oh Oh. [drawing of woman/man] You danced! I'm so very glad! Some mob for that ice cream - good folks - I'm glad they had the opportunity to taste some - Yes - dearest - I missed you too on that day - as for being in your arms - - Kissed by you, for that moment you mentioned -

Well! -- I won't discuss that.

  • and I can't draw scotties)