Well - dearest - more than a month gone since the 10th - & Perhaps - the 11th - I won't be saying - "Well! --- I won't discuss" but - yummmy! - Perhaps!

Nov. 26 - Well ! Now - Martell! I do hope you received my anniversary present - so you can buy you another Martell - or will - $10 be enough for a bottle - if not let me know - I shall send you at least enough for a good bottle of liquor - & since such costs "beaucoup" - What in the Hell - is beaucoup - toots?

So Joe received the package from Vivian Isreal - that's funny - because I give her his name on the list day for packages - & you didn't get yours - the P.O. - must have a grudge against you - Too bad I didn't submit your name because you might have received cigarettes too - Did Joe G. write to the Isreal dame? Ha! Ha! This was your toilet letter! How funny - I'd hate it - since I wouldn't be able to read my favorite mystery story in such a position - I've already asked you whether the toilets flush -

Well - Snooks - time for me to go "schluffele" - Boy it's getting tiresome sleeping alone - & I fear that my love for twin beds will fly out of the window some day -

Goodnight - sweet heart --

It is early - 11 P.M. -

Just in time - for what? Our old bedtime -- remember -- & maybe I'll wake up in time -- having had a full night's sleep --

Did I say "Good night"?

I did -- but also --

I love you -


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