Friday, April 27, 1945 Dearest darling, Alone together at last. I didn't get to write you last nite sweetheart and I will explain why in a moment. Yesterday I was tired all day because I had not slept so extra because Dad had a terrific night. So working at tables and figures was not so hot. At 5:30 went down and had a dash of supper then to school where I had to do some reading and writing for the course. As luck would have it, I met a girl who is also taking the course and who is in a dither. Really I was in a little dither about the paper I had to write but I had reached the point of diminishing returns and gave up worrying. She let me read what she had written and I can see why she was upset, it was so muddied. But I can see her point. There is so much one can say about oneself and so much one doesn't want to write about it is difficult to become coherent. So I had to help her and then got no place with my own paper. Then came class, [illegible] it was a [illegible] class. The instructor