2. is more interesting than informative so somehow I kept my eyes and ears open. You remember [illegible] those classes when you were tired after a long day at the office. Now I can appreciate those 7 very difficult years you spent, in that manner. When I finally got home, Boy, I was tuckered out, but I was also hungry. When I came in I noticed that all the lights were out and that meant Dad and Mother were asleep. So I tiptoed in and then raided the ice box in the dark. Then I dashed quickly into my room. There I took some moments to enjoy myself reading your letters dated 4/16, 15. I just couldn't move an eyelid so I undressed like peeling and left my clothes practically on the floor, forgot to mention that I had gotten dampened from a spring rain which was rather wintry. So bed was a cozy place. This morning awoke and learned that Dad had slept thru the nite fairly well which was good news and made me feel quite chipper.