4. Finally made a date for lunch with her for next Wednesday. Look forward to it too. Will report on luncheon then. So to come to the end of the day left work, (warm but windy) and got to Mad's house for dinner. And we had Steak! A rarity these days, where she got it I don't know but even I a not steak eater enjoyed it for its unusual pretense on the table. However, I can live without meat, my favorite is still lox [illegible] fry eggs or something and sour cream and cottage cheese. even you may like that when you come home darling because sour cream and pot cheese didn't used to be your idea of heavenly repost. Remember how you used to try to talk me into that dish (well I like it now so we can share it darling some day. After leaving Mad's came back here to find your 5/9/10 letters and they were good to read except for the little [illegible] they held as to rumors, but what a Champagne Time you kids had and I'm so very glad. In fact, the champagne I hope drowned out of your mind some of the fears re: the future of the world now that things were staring )not ending.) Well darling altho I got all your letters in line to answer I find myself once again tired. I am going to say "Good night" darling one while I think hands behind my head, think of other days in the past and future. Good night - what about a kiss for a change? I love you. Regards to the [illegible] Syl