<torn> unattached units <illegible/torn> latrine rumor as to your futures? Have you gone to Paris - I bet you got a pass at last - I hope - I hope - You must let me know if what they say is true about the Parisien ladies.

Spoke to Marge tonite at your moms - (she's in) & she said the family received your 5/11 letter - Funny & I'm only up to 5/8 - I shall call Olga tomorrow & talk with her - Maybe she got a later - letter - So we drank champagne to the end of another phase -

As for other news. Dad is coming home on Wed. morning - We hope he will be improved -

Sam Firestone is being discharged - poor fellow - but it is best for him. He's still sick. He's not coming back to the Dept - but is going on to the NY School of Social Work under the G.I bill -