3. All of this plus the adjustment to this new house, plus my school (reading, papers) plus my other activities* which I must continue has made my life exceedingly full so much as that I cannot even reckon time in hours. I hope my darling that you won't be overwhelmed with all of this to the extent that you will worry about me. I am managing to maintain balance - sense of humor and still enjoy plenty. I am just a little tired that's all and your return whenever it will be will give ma a sense of "Rebirth". Here now they ard playing a Strauss waltz - ah! Memories! Now down to today. Work - at lunch time went up to the Vanderbilt Hotel where Mom and Dad are staying. Mom was ill in bed so kept her company. Then back to work and at 5:30 P.M. back to the Hotel for dinner with Dad as Mom ad to stay in bed (a bladder condition). Had a divine dinner at the hotel and Dad wasn't too schatchy (just a little). Then dashed off to school where the lecture was on SEX. All the ettogenic factors meaning all the things that happened in childhood which effected attitudes toward sex. Very interesting. We must discuss it sometime. After school it was freezing (40 degrees) and me in my [illegible] suit. Brr - was cold! *Selective Service, Mom's (yours) [illegible] activates, visits to all Mad's children, friends, Morris, theatre, etc.