is a darling little boy -- more attached to Frances than to Bernie. Later we all had a long discussion re.: Bobby [Lennson]. As we noted a long time ago -- Minnie + Tippie have ruined the kid. Imagine, they still go out (he's 17 years old) with him to buy every [part] of his wearing apparel, and they wonder why he has no independence or initiative. He always gets everything he wants + has no sense of values. Naturally, now when he is graduating from H.S. and he has to determine his future, he can't seem to make up his mind. Frankly -- they never allowed him to make up his mind about anything. He wanted

to be an M.D -- changed his mind and now 

wants to go to Juilliard School of Music (the best bet for him). Minnie is opposed. Also Minnie + Tippie won't let him go away for the summer to play music at a resort because he " gets run down" -- Darn -- if they were less concerned about his weight and physical well being -- + concerned more about his mental development (which they retarded, the kid would be better off. That kid of 17, never knows exactly what he wants to be anyway -- So we talked for a long time on that matter -- I tried to indicate to them how important it was to allow the kid freedom + independence and self determination -- I hope they got a little understanding.

     And so we finally headed for home -- 

by which time as I have already stated