I was too too everything to even do more than undress and get into bed: But I read your 5/23 letter. I had to do that. It was funny -- I was dumped in the middle of your history relating -- but I guess I will catch up. Enjoyed what I read even tho it is primarily chapter 3 or 4. What's a [nurse] hut? Alvin slept in one too -- but I don't know exactly what it is. And then I fell asleep -- and I had dreams -- weird ones -- and you were in them -- my God! were you -- I awoke this morning and looked over into the other bed (I'm sleeping in my mother's room) expecting to see you beside me -- they were so damn real. [but] for a deep and sad moment I got frightened because you weren't there. I needn't describe to you the nature of the dreams -- anyway -- I am glad I had even those moments. Today, I am remaining in bed until it will be time to leave to have dinner with Sarah [illegible] and Annie [Sasha] and then theatre -- "Carousel" -- a musical by [Rays] and [start] [illegible] on the play "[Lillianu]". So -- dearest -- back to rest again -- I must be in 'condition' to go tonight -- and I know I will after plenty of sleep. Au revoir -- dearest -- darling -- sweetheart -- ah -- [toots] -- kiss me? Yep -- [jandie], I love you, Syl