an opera than a musical comedy. Besides most musicals today are different from what you are used to - no longer do they have the traditional line of dancers but they have a ballet kind of thing which interprets situations. And the music was elegant - though corny when it is compared with "On the Town" Anyway, I enjoyed it immensely - & wished all the time that you were there. It always comes down to the same thing. I only enjoy these things half-heartedly since I haven't you to share them with -

So to home at a late hour - & to bed - very tired - and again dreams of you. Maybe these consistent dreams of you are prophetic -- And mean that my mind is preparing for your return.

Received 2 letters from you yesterday - 5/22 & 5/25 - How interesting they are - describing your activities of the past of which I wasn't aware. They are like your very early letters in which you told all - & from which I could share all of your travels, interests, attitudes. As for this history which you are writing - I don't know exactly what it is since I didn't receive the letter explaining - but I assume you are writing a diary of your experiences in service in retrospect. Too bad you didn't keep a day by day diary. In fact you did before you went overseas in your letters to