me. After that of course, it is only superficial, because of censorship. I just remembered that I promised to call Mom & Pop if I received letters of recent date so excuse me for a few minutes. Am back again - no answer.

Awoke today late (10 A.M) - had breakfast - then read & read & read for my next paper due next week. I don't seem able to read all the material required - I wonder how you ever managed to go to school at night all those years. This is another thing I discovered about you. I have a new sense of values regarding your capabilities & your stability. Soon Sam B. came & we talked for a while. Now I must dash off to Bess' - & to Mad's - to a girl's house to buy that typewriter (a new portable). also would like to see Bob Hope's new picture tonite - may or may not --

So - dearest - so long for now - more later. Sundays - quiet like this are nice - but are only one day. Gosh - wish you were around - in your blue chair.

No news of interest these days - except the attitude of the English Gov't (phooey) - Most of us are well aware that the English are almost as deadly an influence as fascism - Wish we could give it a name, instead of this pretense of friendliness!

Au revoir - dearest - I love you - I miss you - so much - Yet

<little drawings/symbols> Syl